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    What is ccSvcHst.exe - How to fix ccSvcHst.exe application error

    What is ccSvcHst.exe?

    Ccsvchst.exe process comes from Symantec Service Framework, this process is stored in the location of C:\Program Files\Common Files folder once you installed Norton - related programs by Symantec Corporation. When you launch Norton product, Ccsvchst.exe will run along with the program in the background to help loading up services and settings.

    Is ccSvcHst.exe process dangerous?

    ccSvcHst.exe is considered to be safe, it will not cause damage to your system, but the process can be easily infected by virus or become damaged due to registry issue, you can run a registry scan here and see whether the ccSvcHst.exe process is functioning properly.

    Should I stop/disable ccSvcHst.exe?

    ccSvcHst.exe is a not a system process, it is not related to any system function, which means it can be disabled under normal circumstance and will do no harm to the system. You can open up Windows task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc key together, click on process tab, If you found ccSvcHst.exe is occupying a huge amount of CPU usage, it may indicates your computer contains too much registry fragments & obsolete entries, you can select ccSvcHst.exe process, and click disable button at the button right of Task Manager to turn it off, then run a registry scan immediately to diagnose the computer for problems that may affect the running of ccSvcHst.exe process.

    Receiving ccSvcHst.exe Application error?

    If you are receiving error message that contains the ccSvcHst.exe process, you can troubleshot the error by using the below provided solutions

    Restart the computer

    It is possible that the ccSvcHst.exe error was caused by temporary system mis-configuration, a simple system reboot may cease the error from happening, before trying out other solution, you can restart your computer once and see what happen.

    Delete unnecessary files

    Simple press Windows key + R key together to bring up Run commend window, then type in ‘cleanmgr’ in the blank and click OK, since the system drive is the default selected drive to be cleaned, you just need to click OK to continue, after the Windows cleaner manager scanned out unnecessary files on your hard disk, simply click OK to delete them all.

    Remove system temporary files

    Click Start button at the bottom left of your screen, go to Search > Files or folders > All Files and folders, type in *.tmp in the search box and click Search button. This would help you find out all the temporary files in your computer, select them all the found file, right click to delete them all.

    Check for damaged, corrupted or missing files

    System File Checker utility is available in each Windows operation system, which could help you find out damaged, corrupted or missing files in your system that might causing the ccSvcHst.exe error. You can Click Start button, go to Run, type "sfc/scannow" in the Run commend box, click OK, and the System File Checker utility will scan all the protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with correct versions from Microsoft official resource

    Scan and remove wasted registry keys/entries

    Instead of manually cleaning the registry by using registry editor, you can get this task done automatically by with a reputable registry cleaner software. Amount many popular Registry cleaners available on the internet, Advanced Fix is the one recommended by our expert team. Due to its accurate scan algorithm, intuitive interface and comprehensive features, Advanced Fix stood out from the rest registry cleaner tools we tested. You can download the tool here and follow the below three steps to fix registry problem and ccSvcHst.exe related error.

    1. Install and launch the registry cleaner tool.

    2. Click Scan Now button to check for exist problems on your computer.

    3. After the scan, click Fix All button to repair registry problems that may caused the ccSvcHst.exe errors.

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