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    Fix Acrord32.exe Error with Success on PC

    Acrord32.exe is an essential process that belongs to the Adobe Acrobat Reader, and serves as an indispensable for you to open and view the file with standard Portable Document Format (PDF) on the Internet as well as the computer, but some people find that when they open or close the PDF file, the acrord32.exe error message will display until you restart your computer again. What happen to this file? How to remove this error message? These are the two questions we can make clear in the following content.

    “Faulting application acrord32.exe, version, faulting module acrord32.dll, version, fault address 0x0001c344.”
    “The application, C:Program FilesAdobeAcrobat 7.029063Acrord32.exe. Generated an application error. The error occurred on 10/10/2011 @ 12:42:48.883 Then exception generated was c0000005 at address 0301C344 (AcroRd32!WinMain)”

    Why does the acrord32.exe error message display on the computer?

    The error message actually indicates an error problem occurring on your computer system, when the acrord32.exe cannot be found or read by the Windows system or related application, the error pop-up will come to inform you about this error problem until you get it solved. But why does the system or program cannot find and read this file on the computer, the real cause generally comes from:

    • The acrord32.exe file is corrupted or removed from your computer.
    • Computer memory to be drained and slow your computer
    • Corrupted dll files on the computer
    • Virus infection cause the error problem
    • Program is uninstalled or installed improperly which makes the conflicts with the acrord32.exe file

    As acrord32.exe file is an important component of Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is obviously that the EXE error problem will lead you unable to open and view any PDF document on your computer. Therefore, to solve this problem instantly on your computer, you should refer to the following tips to get this error fixed effectively.

    Available options to fix acrord32.exe error well on computer

    Option one - reinstall Adobe Acrobat Reader program

    1. Click on "Start" >>> "Control Panel" >>> "Uninstall a Program" or "Add/Remove Programs"
    2. Find and select the "Adobe Acrobat Reader" on the program list >>> click "Uninstall" or "Remove"
    3. Restart the computer
    4. Download and save a newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from its official site
    5. Follow the tutorials to install the new Adobe Acrobat Reader program on your computer.

    Option two - stop the acrord32.exe on your Web browser as well as your computer

    Acrord32.exe is a non-essential process on the computer system, if you do not often need to open and view the PDF file and it always occupy the RAM memory, you can stop this process from running on your computer.
    1. Click on "Start" >>> "All Programs" >>> "Adobe" >>> "Adobe Reader"
    2. Click the "Edit" tab on the top >>> locate and click on "Preferences"
    3. Browse and click on the "Internet" link on the left to open the web browser options for Adobe Reader
    4. Deselect the option of "Display PDF in Browser"
    5. Click on "Start" again >>> "Run" >>> "taskmgr" >>> "Enter"
    6. Press "Processes" tab >>> select the "Acrord32.exe" process
    7. Click on "Acrord32.exe" process icon

    Option three - fix associated invalid registry entries

    If you need to open and view the PDF documents regularly and want the acrord32.exe error problem can be fixed on your computer, and reinstalling reinstall Adobe Acrobat Reader program does not help you to solve this problem, you should go to check out and fix those invalid registry entries on your Windows system which are related to the acrord32.exe, and considering there are numerous important files on the system registry, using a registry error fix applications to scan the computer system and fix these registry issues automatically will be the easiest and best effective way to solve this problem on your PC.

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