Are you already shivering when you see the infamous rgss102e.dll pops out on your computer screen? Are you already frightened that maybe a virus has hit your computer? You shouldn't. You don't even have to break a sweat because most of the time, runtime errors are not caused by viruses.

What Is rgss102e.dll
This common runtime error unfortunately happens when the dll file of the particular program you are trying to run is not found in the search path. This typically happens when you first run a new software for the first time following installation. This means that 2 or more files that were expected to be in place by Widows, in a certain location, have gone missing or corrupted. This results in a runtime error, because the program is unable to run as it should, due to the missing or corrupt dll files.

Why The rgss102e.dll Happens
The main cause of this issue lies in the Windows registry.*For the most part you can easily get rid of it by fixing the location where the problem is, and then having it removed and/or changed to whatever the value should be.*The real answer here is using a program that knows all of these things inherently so that you don't have to go about changing anything yourself, as this can be very tedious and/or dangerous.*If you change the wrong value in the registry then you will have a lot more issues than you currently are facing, so it's safer for you to leave it to a tool that does it automatically.

How To Fix rgss102e.dll
To*fix rgss102e.dll from your system, some simple steps have to be followed. Such steps include clicking on the start menu and then landing at the control panel. After you reached the control panel, open the programs and features icon. Open up all the programs stored in the computer through it. Uninstall the program, which produced the*rgss102e.dll message. A window will also open up telling the user that the program has been removed from the system.

To make sure that the DLL file is stored again on the computer, one has to remove the program and then put it back. The program can be reintroduced into the system through a hard disk or a CD. Instructions will appear on the screen as this program gets installed. After clicking on the install it now option, the user will see the option of terms and conditions on the screen. Click on the "I agree" choice to continue with the installation.
Then clean out the "registry" of your computer by fixing any of the errors & problems which can cause your computer to show the Runtime 53 error. The registry is a large database which keeps all the files, settings and information for your system inside, allowing your computer to read all the files it needs to run. Even though the registry is a highly important part of Windows, it's continually causing a myriad of errors, which can be fixed by using registry fixer. You can do this by downloading registry repairing tool, installing it and then letting it fix any of the problems that you have on your computer.