Resolve Error "sxstrace.exe Not Found" From PC! sxstrace.exe is an important file which located in the windows system file. Usually, it is automatically set up during installing the operating system. It plays an important role in the maintenance of stable of windows system. There are large numbers of system code related to the normal running of system. In short, if the sxstrace.exe file has been destroyed or dismissed, your PC cannot be operated normally.

If you have any errors caused by sxstrace.exe, they may appear in these formats:

"sxstrace.exe Not Found"

"This application failed to start because sxstrace.exe was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

"Cannot find sxstrace.exe"

"The file sxstrace.exe is missing."

How to fix sxstrace.exe error from PC?

In order to resolve or fix this DLL error, user need to perform some steps which are mentioned as under, just try these steps and resolve the issue.

Replace the DLL file manually - This is the surest fix of this DLL issue in which user have to replace the corrupt DLL file by its own. Just find the existing corrupt file and replace it with the fresh one. For the fresh copy of the file download it from the internet and then replace it effectively. Once it is done just restart the PC and see if the error occurs again. If it doesn't then sit is 'OK' and if it does then follow the next step.

Scan and clean the viruses - It is quite possible that your computer might get infected with some kind of viruses and spyware's which has also infected the valuable dynamic link library files which caused the error to flash. So, in that case cleaning the viruses and other malicious infections can considerably resolve the issue.

The third step to fix sxstrace.exe errors it to repair any errors that your system has, particularly with the "registry". There are a lot of problems that Windows has, and a corrupt registry database will often cause sxstrace.exe errors to show. The registry is a central database which stores all the files, settings and options your computer requires to run. It's where a large list of DLL files is kept to help your computer load up the files it requires each time you use it, but as so many of these files are opened at once from the registry, it's continually being damaged and corrupted. To fix any registry errors that may be causing problems with sxstrace.exe, you should first use a registry cleaner program to fix any possible problems with the registry database, and then repair the Windows installation completely. This should stop the errors you're seeing completely.